Paddle like an Iron Islander

Perfect for families with small kids. Learn to paddle like an Iron Islander and travel upstream towards the Battle of the Boyne.  Enter the overgrown 'jungle' area and hear the sounds of the jungle. Keep an eye out for the fairies and their door to another world. Hear about the magicasl stories and legends of the Boyne valley such as the Salmon of Knowledge. Watch out for trolls as we travel under the fairy bridge! All our tours can be tailored to a group if required

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The King's Tour

Nothing but the best for our King's Tour We'll take you on a trip back in time for a tour lasting 1.5 hours. Paddle the full length of the canal and back. 3.2km A guided tour of the Battle of the Boyne paddling a traditional Irish currach under the guidance of our skipper Capture the history of the Battle of the Boyne and Ireland's Ancient East, the heritage of the currach and the fantasy link to the Game of Thrones TV show Under the guidance of your skipper you and up to 8 crew members propel yourself through history! Ireland's Ancient East meets Westeros

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