Paddle like an Iron Islander

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Perfect for families with small kids. Learn to paddle like an Iron Islander and travel upstream towards the Battle of the Boyne. 

Enter the overgrown 'jungle' area and hear the sounds of the jungle.

Keep an eye out for the fairies and their door to another world.

Hear about the magicasl stories and legends of the Boyne valley such as the Salmon of Knowledge.

Watch out for trolls as we travel under the fairy bridge!

All our tours can be tailored to a group if required

From EUR 14

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Setting off from the sealock at the Lock keeper’s house, we travel upstream and around Oldbridge house – The Battle of the Boyne visitor centre. The canal measures 1.6km long and 10m wide at its widest point and is safe for beginners and families young and old.

As a crew of eight, you will receive some simple paddling and safety instruction and off you go under the steerage of an experienced helm/guide. Paddle together as a team to build up momentum and really highlight what you and your currach are capable of.

Along the way, you will hear of the main protagonists during the Battle of the Boyne. King James II to the South and King William III to the North. The canal now bisects what would have been the main fording point for the battle as it was the shallowest area of the river for King William’s forces to cross. Travelling along the canal gives the visitor the unique perspective to imagine the battle and you will feel like you are right in the middle of the action!


Our purpose built boat takes you on a journey of fact and fantasy. Learn about the history of the Battle of the Boyne as we bisect the battle site.

The paddling techniques you will learn are the very same used to train the Iron Islanders in Game of Thrones so you can imagine yourself heading off to Pike on a raid with Yara and Theon Greyjoy.

This is very much a ‘dry’ water activity and no wetsuit is required to participate. However, as it is still a boat on the water we always expect the unexpected.

At Boyne Boats we conform to the Dept. of Marine Code of Practice for: The safe operation of recreational craft.

Lifejackets are provided for all participants: Solid foam for younger paddlers and automatically inflated lifejackets for those a little older in the flesh if not in the mind!

As this is Ireland, we strongly recommend you consult the weather forecast on the day. Otherwise, it is best to dress warm and comfortable for a little exercise and bring rain gear just in case. Comfortable walking shoes or boots are smiled upon; high heels are not friends of skin boats and frowned upon!


  1. Sealock/Lock Keepers house
  2. Oldbridge Estate entrance
  3. Obelisk Bridge
  4. King William's Glen - The fording point
  5. Oldbridge House landing point